Now and Then Pt. 26
After almost a week of visiting every single "important" spot in San Francisco, Lea was exhausted. She would never understand how a person so calmed and mellow as Dianna, could be so energetic when it came to tourism or sex, but that second one is a completely different story.

"Di, I'm tired! Can we go home and get some rest before our flight to NY tomorrow?" Lea asked, trying to pull the pouting trick with her roommate.

"Look Lee, we are almost there. I'll promise you something; if you don't like my surprise then we'll leave and go home, and if you are lucky you might get... 'some' before we rest" Dianna stated. Her comments were surprisingly bold and sharp when she was at home. Lea was loving this new Di.

"Ok!" Lea replied excitedly.

It took them another 15 minutes to get to their destination. They were on the backside of a big building, Lea couldn't say if it was a theater or a cinema, but she was sure it was something like that.

"Ok Lea, now wait here, I' going to get something" Dianna ordered while Lea just nodded in reply.

Lea was confused. Where were they? And why did Di find watching a play or a movie so important right now, if they were going to spend the rest of their break in NY? Didn't she know that Broadway is in NY, and that they got the most amazing plays there? - She is the weirdest person I've ever met - Lea thought.

She was snapped out of her deep thinking by Dianna's voice coming from behind her. "Hey Lee, turn around!" The blonde said.

Lea did as she was told, to find not only Di standing in the doorway of the back entrance, for her friend Theo standing right next to the blonde. A huge smile appeared on her face while she ran to meet her old friend who she hasn't seen since she moved to LA.

"I'm guessing you liked the surprise?" Dianna asked feeling triumphal.

"Yes Di! Thank you!" Lea said while detaching herself from Theo and proceeding to hug her roommate. "How did you do this? When did you planned it?" The brunette asked still in shock.

"Remember when I hear you talking to him on the phone and you told me that he wanted us to go see his play?" The brunette nodded. "Well since I heard that they were going to be here, I decided to call him and let him know we were going to be here and that you wanted to see him" the blonde explained.

Theo nodded at the girls explanation and invited the girls to come in. The show was about to start and he had gotten them tickets for the first row. Lea and Dianna were having a great time, especially Lea, who not only loved the guy, but was also a big fan of Green Day, American Idiot was a great way to end their San Francisco adventure.

After the show was over, Theo invited the girls to his dressing room. He shared it with two other actors, and they all seemed to be in great spirits. The boys invited the girls to the after party, and Lea decided that sleeping was too overrated and convinces Dianna to go to the party with the cast. Not that Di needed to be convinced, she was loving how happy her friend was, and was willing to go straight to the airport from the party if Lea wanted.

Lea could only think about how amazing Dianna was.

Now and Then Pt. 25
San Francisco was amazing! Lea has been there before while promoting Spring Awakening, but since she was working, she never got to enjoy the city. Dianna, who knew the city very well, took her to all her favorite places; restaurants, stores, wineries, parks, etc... Lea was ecstatic, she could not believe that she had thrown that ridiculous fit back in LA when she should have known that her friend would have all sort of activities prepared for her so she could have a great time. Di was without a doubt the most thoughtful person that Lea had ever met.

Dianna's family was as amazing as the blonde! Her mother, Mary, was the sweetest person in the world; yes even sweeter that Di, if that's possible. And her brother, Jason, was very nice and very funny, not to mention very good looking. They picked the girls up from the airport and took them to a beautiful little vegan restaurant to have lunch. They were so excited about learning everything about the show and the promotional tour, that they barely gave the girls time to reply to their questions. Lea smiled as she felt like she was at home with her own crazy family.

When they got to Mary's house, the older woman invited them in. Obviously Dianna didn't need permission to walk into her mom's house, but she decided to wait for her mom's invitation, so Lea wouldn't feel left out and uncomfortable. Lea walked in after Mary who was smiling from ear to ear, happy about having her little girl and her new friend home. Lea looked around the entrance and then the living room. It was a very nice place, not too big, but not too small, with minimalist furniture and a lot of pictures and paintings on the walls. If Lea didn't know better, she could have swore that she was back in Dianna's apartment.

After a couple of minutes Dianna and Jason walked in carrying both of the girl's bags, well, as always, Di's ONE suitcase and Lea's bunch of bags.

"Hey kids, go put tall he bags in Di's room" Mary ordered.

Turning around the older woman looked at Lea with a worried expression on her face. "Lea, would you mind staying with Di in her room? I know is not the most comfortable situation, but we are going through some remodeling and Jason's old room is a mess now so we can not put you there" The brunette just nodded with a small smile on her face.

"We can take you to a hotel if you feel more comfortable that way, honey" Mary offered.

Lea's eyes widened at the thought of not only not staying in the same room with Dianna, but in a completely different place, where she was going to be by herself. She looked back at the older woman who was still staring at her waiting for an answer. "No, that's fine with me. I have grown to like her 'a little' lately" The brunette joked and received some giggles from Mary in return.

-I am going to love this!- She thought.

Now and Then Pt. 24
The rest of the promotional tour went as planned. Lea and Dianna were completely comfortable and happy with each other. To everybody's surprise, they insisted on sharing their room in every city they went, with the excuse of not making the network pay more money than needed. The rest of the cast knew that none of the girls gave a crap about the money that FOX was spending, but they didn't want to question their co-stars who seemed to be having a great time together.

When the tour was over, after visiting 10 cities and even a different country, the entire cast was taking their first long break. Lea and Dianna went back to LA to check on their apartment and pack for the rest of their vacations. Dianna had agreed on spending most of their break in NY with Lea if the brunette went to San Francisco to visit Di's family with her. Of course, Lea agreed to Dianna's terms.

"Hey Lea, are you already packed? I don't want to deal with the same thing I had to before the tour!" The blonde said part jokingly and part seriously.

"Yes, Di! I'm ready to go!" Lea replied feeling a little annoyed by Dianna's statement.

Dianna sensed Lea's frustration and decided to give a girl a little break. The blonde moved towards the short girl and pull her into a hug. Lea was reluctant at first, but within the first two seconds she fell for the embrace and hugged her co-star back. Dianna placed a chase kiss on Lea's lips, and the brunette blushed almost immediately. This demonstration of affection from the blonde felt a lot more personal than any of their multiple sexual encounters.

"We are going to have a lot of fun, I promise!" Dianna said pulling herself apart from Lea.

"I know Di, this is going to be great..." There was that hesitation again. Dianna was getting worried and didn't know what was causing the shorter girl to be in such a strange mood. Now the one getting frustrated was he blonde who had no idea what was going through her roommate's mind.

"What's wrong Lea? You are acting very strange. First i thought it was my fault, but I haven't done anything else and yo..." Lea interrupted her with a fierce kiss on her lips.

Lea wrapped Dianna up in her arms, and although there was a noticeable difference in heigh, she managed to lift the blonde from the floor and set her on the kitchen table. They continued to kiss, now tongues were involved and each one of them was battling for dominance.

Lea pushed herself on top of the table and laid on top of Dianna, arms and legs on each side of the blonde. The brunette started to make a path with her lips down Dianna's neck, sucking on the spot that she new drove the blonde crazy. The taller girl tried to run her hands down on Leas body, but the petite singer grabbed them before she could place them on her ass and restrained the on top of Dianna's head.

Lea was only kissing her, but there was something about feeling submissive that brought Dianna to the edge. She knew that it was not going to be long before she came, and she desperately needed the relieve.

"Please Lea, ple..." She begged.

The brunette stopped for a second to look to Dianna in the eyes and after a small nod from the blonde, Lea moved one of her hands under Dianna's dress and with one fast motion pulled her underwear down. The taller girl could feel the pain growing on the pit of her stomach and started to thrust her hips into Lea's hand that was now teasing her.

Without warning Lea pushed three finger into her friend's opening and the blonde girl screamed with pleasure. Lea was not been sweet, not even careful. Her thrusts were harsh, uncoordinated and violent, but Dianna seemed to love what she was doing. After several minutes of intense thrusting, the brunette curled her fingers inside the blonde, making her cum almost instantly. Lea's other hand was still holding Dianna's hands in place and although the taller girl tried to free herself from Lea's grasp, the smaller girl was surprisingly strong.

The girls were left panting and gasping for her still on top of the table, and a sudden calm filled the apartment. They were quite for a while, trying to enjoy each others embrace while recuperating from what Dianna would call "The most amazing sex ever". Lea was the first to break the silence:

"I'm sorry I'm being a bitch, but I'm kind of nervous and upset at the same time"

"Why?" Dianna asked while shifting to her side so she could look at the brunette straight in the eyes.

"Because tomorrow we are going to go to San Francisco, and we are staying with your mom. That means we wont be sleeping together there, and obviously we wont be having sex anytime soon. Then we'll go to NY and the story is going to be the same. I don't want to go!" Lea said pouting and with tears feeling her eyes.

Dianna could not contain her laughter. Lea looked adorable and she was acting like a little kid who has just been sent to bed without dessert. "Lee, baby. It's Ok, I'm pretty sure they'll be tons of chances when we can get away from the people and have some quickies" She said putting a sexy expression on her face.

"You promise?" Lea asked still looking like a scared kid.

"I promise" Dianna replied before kissing Lea on the forehead.

Now and Then Pt. 23
Lea went back to the hotel and locked herself in the bathroom. She looked at her reflection on the mirror and within seconds started to cry. She was upset, heart broken and sad, but the reality is that she didn't even know why she was feeling that way. The truth is that in the past couple of weeks she had felt the same way that Dianna was feeling. Yes, it was very exciting and nice to have her friend there all the time, but the most important thing is that it was comfortable. She didn't have to worry about all the stuff that a person in a relationship does, and Di was easy access since they were living together.

-I'm not in love with her- Lea thought while still looking at her reflection.

"I'm no in love with her" She said to herself while a shy smile appeared on her face.

That was it! They were not in love with each other, but they were completely comfortable about what they were doing. It was fun and since both of them were single, it was a great way to deal with the lack of 'action' that they would be getting from a relationship.

Dianna took a cab back to the hotel, she was feeling miserable, the last thing she wanted to do was to hurt her friend, and that was exactly why she decided to have 'the talk' with her before continuing to do whatever was they were doing.

As soon as she got to the suite, Dianna entered quietly trying to avoid another confrontation with the tiny brunette. She was physically and emotionally exhausted, and didn't feel like getting into another argument that same night. Since there was no noise around the suite, Dianna assumed that Lea was already asleep, and decided to go and lay down in the extra room that they didn't use the night before.

"Hi, there" Lea said in a sexy tone of voice from the bed.

Dianna jumped from the surprise of seeing the singer in the spare bedroom wearing only a very sexy set of matching underwear.

"Whaa...what are you doing here?" The blonde asked still in shock.

"I behaved really badly today. I understand the way you feel about us. Hell, I feel the same way. I don't want us to be a couple, but I do want to keep doing what we are doing, at least until we can move on with each other or different people" The brunette explained calmly.

"O..Ok. So let me get this straight, you want us to keep having... sex, but only that?"

"Well, not only that Di. I also want our friendship to continue to be as amazing as it is right now" Lea said puling Dianna by her hand towards her.

Dianna could only smile at Lea's proposal. Yes, it was unconventional, but who said that they were conventional people anyway?

That night they didn't get any rest at all, but the good part of it was that "what happens in Boston stays in boston" right?

Now and Then Pt. 22
The day went perfect, just as Lea planned it. She took Dianna to different places in the city so the blonde could take pictures with her three different cameras. Yes, she had three cameras and Lea could not understand why she needed all of them since they all did exactly the same thing, take pictures. But since this was a day for Di, the brunette decided to ignore the camera issue and focus on how happy the blonde seemed to be.

Dianna could not stop smiling. Boston was a beautiful place, and although touring around town was not exactly what she had in mind when she woke up that morning, she was really thankful that Lea decided to take her on this amazing -date?- She didn't know if things had changed in between her and her friend, but she was sure she was developing some kind of new feelings towards the shorter girl, who was now posing for a picture with a bright smile on her face.

"Are you going to take the picture?" Lea asked after spending several minutes holding the exact same pose.

"Oh, Lee. I'm so sorry. I spaced out for a minute" The blonde replied feeling herself blush a little.

"I would say it was more than minute. You could have drew a picture of me in all the time that I've been standing here" She said almost laughing.

Dianna smiled and took the pressed the button on the camera.

After all the scooting and walking around town, they decided to grab something to eat. It was almost 6, and they knew they had to eventually go back to the hotel to get ready for the next day. The rest of the cast was going to be in town and they had to be at hot topic early in the morning to discuss the organization and security of the signing.

"I don't why we need to be there so early" Lea said with while pouting.

"I don't know either, but we need to do what we need to do" Dianna replied without looking at Lea since everytime she saw the singer pouting, she wanted to kiss her to make her happy.

"Di, I had a great time today" The brunette stated with a little smile on her face.

"Me too!" Was all Dianna could say.

The blonde didn't know what to think of all of this. Yes, their friendship was amazing, and their "relationship" or whatever they had, was wonderful too, but she was starting to feel confused. She didn't know if she was starting to fall in love with Lea or if she was just content about having someone there always waiting for her. She needed to know what was going on and how Lea felt, before they ended up hurting each other badly.

"Lea, we need to talk"

The brunette looked scared, she had no idea what this was about, but she knew that any conversation that starts with 'we need to talk' is a bad one.

"About what Di?" Lea asked pretending not to care too much.

"Look, I love you, like a lot. But I don't think I'm in love with you. My feelings for you have grown a lot since the very first day we met, but although I enjoy our friendship and our sexual encounters, I don't think that I would like for us to be more than friends. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying, but..."

She was cut in the middle of her sentence when Lea stood up and rushed out of the restaurant, leaving her alone and without a ride to go back to the hotel.

-Great, just great!- Dianna thought almost on the verge of tears.

Now and Then Pt. 21
Lea woke up early the next day. She turn to her right to see the gorgeous blonde still asleep, looking like an angel, next to her. The singer got up and headed to the restroom trying not to make any noise, so her roommate could sleep a little bit longer. She had big plans for the day and Dianna was going to need whatever rest she could get.

The brunette then went to the kitchenette that the had in their hotel suite and proceeded to make some coffee. As soon as Dianna received the strong of smell of fresh made coffee she jumped out of the bed and went straight to the kitchen.

"Good morning" She said to the shorter girl who was reading the news paper.

Lea looked up from the paper and gave Dianna a smile. She was looking adorable; her hair was a mess and she looked half asleep still. She could have sworn that she had never seen such beautiful morning person in her life. Scratch that, such a beautiful person, period.

"Goo morning Di. How did you sleep?" Lea asked while handing Dianna a cup of coffee.

"Actually, I slept great. You were right! Those King size beds are amazing! We need to change ours as soon as we get back home" The blonde replied enthusiastically.

"I'm glad to hear that you are rested. We have a long day ahead of us!" Lea said with a smile.

"Where are we going Lee?"

"It's a surprise! I can't tell you... But tell you what; go take a shower and ready. Wear comfy clothe and especially comfy shoes" The brunette answered.

Within an hour both of the girls were ready. Dianna was surprised that Lea had actually been ready to go before she was, and because of that, she was even more curious now. The pair headed downstairs and the blonde followed her friend outside their hotel.

"Should we get a cab or something?" The taller girl asked intrigued.

"Nope, we have something better!" The diva replied now sounding very excited.

The girls walked a couple of blocks before Lea signaled Dianna to turn and enter the first store to her right.

"Bicycles?" The blonde asked raising an eyebrow.

"Nope! A scooter!" The brunette replied almost jumping in excitement.

-Where does she come with all this crazy stuff?- Dianna thought while maintaining a fake smile on her face.

"So... Are you ready to go?"

"Ye...yes, sure" Dianna said while putting on and adjusting her helmet as tight as she could. Lea could barely drive a car, let alone driving a motorcycle.

-Oh God, I'm going to die today...- The blonde thought when the brunette almost crashed against a parked car.

Now and Then Pt. 20
"Are you going to come in or what?" Lea said from the bed already half naked. She had taken her clothe off and was waiting for her costar wearing only her matching set of black lacy underwear.

Dianna was standing at the door without even being able to blink. She was upset and didn't want to seem like a softy, but Lea was there, kneeling on their bed, looking so damn sexy. The blonde took a deep breath before moving closer to the bed, still a little reluctant about the entire situation.

Lea knew, very well, what she was doing. She knew she had acted like a diva for the entire day, and the truth is part of it was on porpoise. Dianna looked so hot when she was mad and that drove her crazy. The only problem was; the blonde never seemed to get upset. So now, that they were off for a couple of days and she had the taller girl for herself, she was set on getting every single thing she liked about the other girl without interruptions or third parties raining on their parade.

"Come closer, I don't bite" Lea said with a seductive smile. "Oh! actually, I do bite, but you already knew that" She completed while winking at the blonde.

Dianna felt goosebumps rising all over her skin. The effect that the brunette had over her was ridiculous, and the worst part, is that she was sure Lea knew it and was using to her benefit.

"C'man Di, don't be like that" Lea said while slowly unhooking her bra.

Dianna saw the straps of Lea's bra fall to the sides of her arms. This was to much to handle, and at the moment she could not even remember why she was upset anymore. She decided to give in, anyway, she could be upset later on after having a good time with her costar.

The blonde moved closer to the bed and was greeted by one of Lea's hands. The shorter girl pulled Dianna on to the bed making her fall on top of her. The taller girl began to furiously kiss the singer, who now was feeling accomplished one more time that day.

Lea's hand was resting on Dianna's neck pulling her closer, but now the blonde was already turned on and needed no help to stay in place. The brunette started to roam her hands up and down the taller girl's back, trying to reach for the hem of the shirt that she was wearing.

Within seconds Dianna's top and bra were discarded on the floor, making a messy pile with lea's. The blonde started to move down to the shorter girl's neck, sucking, kissing and liking every inch of skin she get a hold on.
The brunette was moaning because of the intensity of Dianna's warm breath and tongue on her skin, and the powerful suction of the blonde's lips on her neck. That was going to leave a mark, but with a little makeup the problem would be solved.

Dianna's hand moved down to meet Lea's naked breasts. She rubbed them and touched them, and without warning pinched them. Lea moaned again at the pain that soon enough became pleasure. The blonde made her way down to kiss the brunette's breasts, continuing to suck and lick as much skin as she could. As soon as she reached the singer's right nipple she planted a kiss on it, followed by a small, but forceful bite.

Lea could not stand the teasing anymore and decided to take the matters in her own hands, taking control of the situation. She grabbed Dianna's right hand that was still resting on her breast and moved it down to her hips. Dianna got the message and pulled apart from the brunette to be able to remove the shorter girl's final piece of clothing.

The brunette's panties were now laying on the floor and she was completely exposed in front of her roommate. Dianna took a last look of her naked friend before disappearing in between her legs. She slowly traced patterns with her tongue around Lea's inner tights, driving the singer insane. The blonde could feel Lea's heat irradiating from her wet center and without any delay decided to dive in.

Dianna's tongue was now deep inside the brunette, while her hand was rapidly working circles on the shortest girl's clit. She could feel that Lea was close to the edge, so she replace her tongue with 3 of her fingers and began to thrust them in and out in a fast pace. Within second she felt the other girl's walls clenched around her fingers and the blonde took this opportunity to suck on the brunette's clit who was now climaxing.

Lea felt like she was not going to be able to move ever again. Her orgasm had been so intense that she thought she was going to be paralyzed for ever. Dianna was now laying next to the diva with a big smile on her face.

"Did you like that?" The blonde asked.

Lea couldn't speak, so she just nodded at the other girl's question.

"Good! Now, not only you have to make it up to me for the hell of a day that you put me through today, but also for the amazing sex that I just gave you!" Dianna said with a devilish smile.

"I know, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer for your reward" Lea replied leaving the other girl feeling very curious.

Dianna was going to say something but got cut off by the brunette. "No, is not sex... well, is not only sex. You'll be really pleased with what I have prepared" Lea said before turning on to her side and falling asleep.

-Why does she keep torturing me?- Dianna thought while trying to figure out what Lea had planned for her.

Now and Then Pt. 19
After what it felt for ever and 6 other discussions over Lea's behavior, they were finally in Boston. Dianna was relieved that she was getting her own room so she could be apart form her costar for a little bit. Lea on the other hand had very different plans in mind.

"There is only one room reserved under Agron/Sarfati for tonight ladies" The person on the front desk informed.

"But wait, no, there has to be a mistake. We called a couple weeks ago and made the reservations..." Dianna replied confused.

"Actually..." Lea said with a grin on her face.

"You! you were supposed to make the reservations!" Dianna said angrily.

"Yes, and I actually did make them. We have a suite with a King bed and a jacuzzi just for us" Lea replied with a "sexy" voice.

"So? Are we Ok ladies?" The man asked.

"Yea we're great, can we get some help with our bags?" Lea answered feeling like she just won a battle, no actually like she just won the war.

The two girls went to their room. It was gorgeous. It even had a piano in it and it was beautifully decorated. Dianna was impressed and for one second forgot all the shit that Lea put her through during the day. -And yes, I said shit!- She thought.

"So, do you like it?" Lea asked while pulling the blonde closer to her.

"Yea, I guess so. It's nice" Dianna answered trying no to make the other girl notice that she was actually mesmerized with the place.

"Are you still upset at me?" The brunette questioned before planting a kiss on her friend's lips.

"Yes, I am! You have no idea how hard is to deal with you 24/7! You are so high maintenance, is not even funny!" The blonde replied pulling away from Lea to make sure she got the message.

"Well I think I need to make it up to you then..." The shorter girl said in a flirtatious way.

"Oh yeah, how?" Dianna said already understanding Lea's message.

"Meet me in the room and I'll show you... Just remember, King bed!" The brunette said while turning away from the costar who was now frozen in place.

-I will never get to stay upset with her if she keeps doing things like these- She thought.

Now and Then Pt. 18
"Lets go Lea, move your butt! We are going to miss our flight!" Dianna yelled from the doorway carrying not only hers but the brunette's luggage.

"Wait Di, I'm almost ready! Calm down!" Lea replied while retouching her makeup in the bathroom.

Several minutes later the diva finally came out, carrying her purse in one hand and her hat in the other. By now Dianna was trying to figure out how to fit all their bags in her mini cooper. Lea saw her struggling with the luggage, but once again decided to ignore her and jumped on the passenger sit. The blonde was finally able to fit everything and got on the driver's sit with a serious expression.

"What took you so long? We are going to miss our flight!" Lea said imitating Dianna's voice and with a devilish grin on her face.

"Lea, SHUT UP!" The blonde managed to reply while starting the car.

"Hahaha, someone woke up moody today!" The brunette said mockingly.

"NO! NO! NO! I didn't! I was perfectly fine until you decided to take for ever to come out of the bathroom while I carried all your shit downstairs and then didn't even have the decency of helping me put the bags in the car, even when you saw that I was struggling with them!" Dianna said sounding very upset.

There was an awkward silence where none of them seem to be brave enough to continue the discussion. Lea was staring at her hands on her lap, while Dianna kept her sight set on the gate that was slowly opening in front of them.

"You said shit" Lea said smiling and with a kiddy voice, but without looking up to her angry costar.

Dianna wanted to yell at her again, but she looked and sounded so adorable that she could not resist but laugh at the tiny actress and her out of place comment.

"Put your sit belt on, we need to get going or we'll never make it" The blonde ordered Lea in a serious tone to try to prove that she was still upset.

"Yes Ma'am!" Lea replied while making an army salute sign.

Dianna looked over her shoulder to see the shorter girl adjusting her sit belt following her orders. -This is going to be a very interesting trip- She thought before heading towards LAX.

Now and Then Pt. 17
The days went by really fast and before they knew it, it was time to go on the promotional tour. The girls have been very busy for the past couple of weeks and haven't had time to explore further into their relationship, if you could call it that.

They were comfortable with each other, being very flirty and touchy, even when they were in front of the rest of the cast and the crew. In the beginning all the other actors were surprise and a little uncomfortable when around the girls, but with the time they grew fond of the girl's friendship and discarded any possibility of a romantic relationship in between the two actresses. If they only knew...

Lea and Dianna have been spending a lot of time together, but since they were surrounded by people almost all the time, they took every little chance they had to kiss, touch each other or have sex, the only things they could not do in front of an audience. They didn't talk about their relationship during those private encounters and during their brief and private conversations, they decided to focus on their job and less complicated things. It was not the right time to try to figure out something this complicated.

Finally the week of the tour came. Everybody was really excited, not only because they were going out of town to meet fans, but because by this time the show had already been picked up by FOX and the pilot was airing on less than a week. They all felt relieved knowing that there were 13 episodes already ordered and that for at least right now, they all had jobs.

After a little pre-tour party held at Mark's apartment, Dianna and Lea went home. They needed to pack because even though the tour didn't officially start until monday, the girls had decided to take a couple of days to explore their first destination: Boston.

"What are you taking with you? I have no idea what to pack! This is frustrating! Lea said almost yelling, Dianna could feel the stress on her voice and decided to help her calm down.

"Lee, everything will be Ok. We are all nervous and none of us know what to expect, but seriously you are acting crazy right now" She replied making the diva feel even more upset. "Ok, stop pouting! You are a big girl now!" Dianna said trying not to laugh.

Lea took advantage of the situation and started pouting even more. She looked adorable, like a little kid whose parents had just grounded. Dianna could not help but to smile at her co-star's expression. She walked over the shorter girl who was on the floor, sited indian stye, surrounded by an absurd amount of clothe and with the cutest expression the blonde had ever seen.

"C'man, let me help you" The taller girl said while offering her hand to the brunette so she could get up. As soon as Lea was standing in front of Dianna, the blonde pulled her in a tight hug, wanting to comfort her, although she knew that her roommate was just exercising her acting skills and behaving like a little diva.

"Thank you!" Lea replied before pressing her lips to the other girl's. "I'll go make some tea meanwhile you get my stuff ready! I'm so excited!" The brunette exclaimed while exiting the room.

"Wh... what? Wait!" Dianna yelled trying to girl the singer's attention that was now ignoring her on porpoise.

Dianna kneeled down to check Lea's mess while shaking her head from one side to the other. -She'll pay for that!- She thought to herself while a devilish smile appeared on her face.


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